Minggu, 17 November 2013

Living room model, designing a living room is the most fun job in designing a house, because the living room is a display space in a home, so homeowners do not hesitate to reach into a deep pocket to make the living room look well in the eyes of the guests.

Living Room Model is also very diverse, although the current design theme mastered minimalist living room, but the other theme designs you can also consider. Victorian classic design themes and colors can give a different example in the model of the living room.

Structuring and placement of the furniture should be very aware of when choosing a model living room. Also, the selection of the size of your furniture should match the size of the living room that you have and so that your living room will look spacious and airy and symmetrical .

Here to add to your design inspiration living room, featuring a minimalist Living Room Model picture.

Very impressive Living room model? You also can add your inspiration for designing your home with paint color and read other articles in Home Decor.

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