Sabtu, 09 November 2013

Making beautiful home office organization can be the great thing because it is making comfortable and enjoy your daily job. You are the owner of that house and you are the big boss. You can work at your own speed. You may use clothes what you want to use and spend your time to work as you want to do to. The beautiful and clean home office is the right one for making you spirit and get inspiration for your own work. Thus, there is no need to travel elsewhere to work.

Furthermore, sometimes you don’t feel that you work in your home office while your home office is unorganized. The home office with unorganized will give you bad effect such as getting bad inspiration, laziness, hardness to get inspiration and soon. The home with unorganized mean that you are not able to find something when you need them and home office is untidy with paper works and stationary. When your home untidy like this then you will not give your best production.  

Today we will give you some pictures that hopefully can inspire you, how to create a comfortable home office in your minimalist home. We will provide a few that you should consider in home office structuring and decorating:
  1. Paint colors. You must decide the best paint colors and choose paint colors combination that suitable for your home office.
  2. Lighting. Choose 2 types of lights are bright lights and dark, so during the day you can use a bright light, and vice versa. It aims to be more power-efficient.
  3. Furniture. Choose furniture that matches the color of your walls and floors so it looks harmonious and united. Buy modern minimalist furniture or Furniture with natural finish such as wood color is also very nice and easy to be combined with any color in your home.
  4. Bookshelves. Buy a bookcase to make your books tidy.

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